About Us

Logo FinalEcoforum Journal is a quarterly journal published by the Environmental Liaison Centre International (ELCI).

It highlights environmental and sustainable development issues in an interactive manner, emphasizing the positive actions being taken to improve lives and environment. By bringing out a variety of perspectives, each journal issue tackles specific themes as it ratifies the growing concern of the state of our environment.

In an era where resource availability and climate change top the list of global challenges, Ecoforum aims to stimulate debate and provoke people to adopt a positive outlook to matters relating to the environment and natural resource management. These range from facilitating resource needs in local communities to corporate efforts in ensuring sustainable environmental baselines.

Ecoforum also acts as a reference tool, utilizing the power of information to inspire a change in attitude and create more success stories as we try to establish better world for future generations. Readers can be guaranteed that the global outlook of the journal will spur a change in our society’s approach towards environmental conservation.