The Value of Environmental Meetings

| January 20, 2013 | 0 Comments

Environmentalists really like conferences. Apparently, they also like having conferences to talk about planning more conferences. World leaders have just  announced that they do not intend to actually sign a treaty on climate change in Copenhagen this December, a  conference that has widely been referred to as “the most important meeting in history.”

The leaders of the world were supposed to gather in Copenhagen to draft a comprehensive, equitable treaty on climate change that would take the place of the Kyoto Protocol once it expires in 2012. Instead, these leaders will be coming together to plan the next meeting where they supposedly will actually draft something. I can’t criticize them too much, as I’m also guilty of the environmental conference syndrome. Since my first year at Whitman I have been to eight environmental conferences and I’m planning on attending the conference in Copenhagen this December. I say this not to brag but rather to reflect on the value of all of these conferences.

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