Water and The Euro

| January 20, 2013 | 0 Comments

Surely I am not easy to come by, so with hard work and juggling from one job to another I am found. With love, care and gratitude I am handled. Within a short time of my arrival a strange and unacceptable problem arises, thousands and thousands of miles away from me and I’m needed.

With great love and compassion my owner releases me to travel and rescue the many that are crying out for my HELP, with a deep sigh I kiss my owner good-bye and I set off to a journey that leaves me extremely exhausted but I encourage myself for its for a good cause, because I know that I’m going to give a breath to the dying Hope of Africa, a land of many that have no idea that I am on the way to rescue them.

Read more from this link http://www.environmentalafrica.com/index.php/wow/76-i-the-euro

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